We are a veteran owned Ice hockey company from Massena, NY that currently develops its own products to bring game changing ice hockey equipment and hockey sticks to the market.  We are in the process of ongoing research and development to expand and continue to bring new and exciting products to hockey players in North America.  We strive to improve ourselves and our products. It is our mission to improve hockey and bring reasonably priced hockey gear to you, the players. 

What is Reckless hockey?

Who is Reckless Hockey?

First we realized that one stick cannot be all things to all players.  Every player has their own unique preference.  Some players like "whippy" sticks and other players like stiff sticks while some like to be somewhere in the middle.  This is why each one of our sticks are designed specifically for a certain type of player's needs.  We threw away the "one size fits all" mentality.

We also realized that all sticks break!  Even ours!  This is an inevitable fact that is unfortunately part of hockey.  Reckless Hockey is determined to create sticks that will take more abuse and last longer.  We do not claim to make indestructible sticks. We are just dedicated to using top quality materials, that we have selected, to increase quality and longevity. 

One way we worked to accomplish this is that we do not concentrate on making the lightest stick just for the sake of being light.   We make light sticks but there comes a point when making a stick too light means using less and less material therefore creating a stick that is more prone to failure.  We will never sacrifice quality and longevity just to make a stick light for no reason other than to be light. 

We put our money where our mouth is and protect your investment all season long.​   This is why, on top of the typical 30 day factory warranty we provide, we have added a 180 day (6 month) stick replacement program. ​Other companies also offer 30-60 days of warranty against manufacturer's defects but that is it!  These types of warranties are made to protect the investment of the company selling the sticks against manufacturing defects.  They are not made to protect the player's investment.  What happens when an opposing player slashes your stick in half?  What happens when your stick gets stuck in a crack in the boards and snaps the blade off?  What about when you leave your stick in the driveway after shooting practice and your father runs it over?  The answer for the other guys is nothing!  You spent $300 for the best stick and now you either have to spend another $300 or get a cheaper stick you don't really want for less money.  That isn't the case with us.  We feel we make the best sticks and want to keep you using the best sticks all season long.  Please check out our info page for full details on our 180 day replacement program.  -Disrupt the system

We are just two hockey dads from northern NY!  We got tired of over marketed, hyped-up equipment that just doesn’t stand up to the wear and abuse that hockey brings. We oppose the status quo that price and profits are more important than the players and their love for hockey.  We didn't start this company to make cheap equipment.  We started it to make the best, most reliable equipment and change the game.  This is why we design our own products, purchase our own materials, and aggressively test our products over and over and over before releasing them to you. We do not buy generic sticks and place our name and logo on them!  We also won't fill the graphics on our products with meaningless technical sounding gibberish, fake technological options, and/or fake gimmicks.  Our products are designed to outperform and outlast the competition.  We are here to break the rules and disrupt the system.  


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