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About Reckless Hockey

We are just two hockey dads from Northern, NY with over 40 years of hockey experience.  We got tired of over marketed, hyped-up equipment that simply cost too much.  We oppose the status quo that price and profits are more important than the players and their love for hockey.  


Why Reckless Hockey?

There are a ton of other companies out there offering cheap hockey sticks with promises of "NHL level quality"at a low price.  Sad part is they don't even know what they are selling you.  Most of these companies are just getting what ever random, generic stick they can get from some factory then adding their name and logo on it.  Unlike them we do not buy generic sticks and place our name and logo on them.  We design our own products, purchase our own materials, and aggressively test our products over and over before releasing them to you.   We also won't fill the graphics, on our products, with meaningless technical sounding gibberish, fake technological options, and/or fake gimmicks.  Our products are skillfully engineered to outperform the competition.

We didn't start this company to make cheap equipment.  We started it to make the best, most reliable equipment and change the game. ​

Our products cost lest than the name brands only because we sell directly to you.  This saves you on costly retail markups and middleman charges.   You get more technology and performance than a $300+ name brand stick and get it at a reasonable price.  We also provide our own 180day (6 month) replacement plan to save you money further.  

​We are here to break the rules and disrupt the system. 

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Ed and Selwyn


Reckless Hockey,LLC