Reckless Disorder Intermediate Hockey Sticks 

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The Reckless Disorder is a mid-kick stick that was engineered with multiple layers of the best 100% carbon fiber materials.  These layers are aligned in a manner that maximizes the transfer of power down the shaft into the blade.  The blade has a dense foam core that helps dampen vibration, increase puck “feel”, and resist blade twisting for a more accurate shot.  These two factors combine make the puck explode off the blade.  Light em’ up and disrupt the system

Coming 2018........

reckless disorder intermediate hockey sticks

Weight:  400 grams +/-
Shaft Length: 58"
Taper: Strong tapered design
Shaft coating: Grip or non grip matte finish
​Shaft construction: One-piece 100% Carbon Composite 
​Shaft shape: Double concave
​Kick-point: Mid-shaft
Warranty: Standard 30 Day manufacturer's Warranty plus our own 180 day replacement plan.
Available Flexes: 65.
Available Blade patterns: RH92, RH09, RH88, RH28.​​​

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