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Reckless Disorder Junior hockey sticks

Reckless Disorder Junior Hockey Sticks

Original Retail Price: $134.99

The Reckless Disorder Junior sticks are an elite one piece 100% Carbon composite stick.  They have all the technology and performance of the senior and intermediate models.  They have been designed with specific flexes and heights to accommodate younger, developing players.  Giving younger players the ability to select a stick with the appropriate flex for their weight allows the player to make the puck explode off the blade.  Having players learn to use the flex of the stick at an early age will help them grow to be great shooters and evolve into snipers.  Light em’ up and disrupt the system.

**The flex of a player's stick should be less than half of that player's weight.  Always round down to the closest flex, do not round up!  This allows the player to truly utilize all of the flex the stick has to offer and provides better shots.  It also provides space to cut the stick so that the stick does not become too stiff after cutting it.  As a "rule of thumb" every inch cut from a stick increases the flex by around 5.  

Standard shipping only.  Please see the info page for details

Weight: 250-270 grams +/-
Taper: Strong tapered design
Shaft coating: non grip matte finish
​Shaft construction: One-piece 100% Carbon Composite 
​Shaft shape: Double concave
​Kick-point: Mid-shaft
Warranty: Standard 30 Day manufacturer's Warranty plus our own 180 day replacement plan.
Available Sizes: 
30 flex 52" length(end of toe to top of shaft)

                        40 flex 56" length(end of toe to top of shaft)

                        50 flex 60" length(end of toe to top of shaft)
Available Blade patterns: RH92
Please see the 
Info page for our blade conversion chart.