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Specifications: Senior
Weight: 430 grams +/-
Shaft Length: 60"
Taper: Aggressive taper design
Shaft coating: Grip or non grip matte finish
​Shaft construction: One-piece Aramid and carbon hybrid 
​Shaft shape: Double concave
​Kick-point: Mid-shaft
Warranty: Standard 30 Day manufacturer's Warranty plus our own 180 day replacement plan.
Available Flexes: 75, 85, 95.
Available Blade patterns: RH92, RH09, RH88, RH28.​​​

See blade conversion chart here.

reckless transgression senior hockey sticks

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Reckless Transgression senior hockey Sticks 

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A Transgression is an act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct.  This is not your typical composite stick!  The stick is designed with an Aramid/Composite hybrid material that gives this stick a feel unlike any other stick on the market.   

Disclaimer:  This is not your average composite stick.  It will likely feel different than anything you have ever used.  Be sure to check the description and be ready for something new.

Aramid is an aerospace material commonly used in bullet-proof vests and other ballistic protection devices. Aramid is strong enough to repel bullets, flames, and explosives and now helps us maximize durability and maintain the stick’s integrity. 
This DOES NOT make our stick bullet proof or indestructible.  It does, however, help in reducing the likely hood of a catastrophic stick failure.  Aramid also reduces micro fractures in the blade and shaft aiding to keep its “new” feeling longer. 

Aramid's ability to transfer energy through the shaft can increase the speed of your release by providing an extra bit of “whip” compared to a normal composite stick.  The Aramid material is able to provide this extra “whip” without making the stick feel like a noodle or create any unnecessary torquing of the blade and shaft.  This makes the stick great for players who like to take quick snap shots and huge wristers.  Clappers are not affected by the extra boost of whip as the stick is still rigid enough to light em’ up!   

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