Intermediate and senior

Generally you want to find a stick with a flex number that is 50% or less than your current weight.  This will assure that you can properly flex the stick and utilize all of the technology the stick has to offer.

Food for thought:

  • If you are short and cut a lot of the stick off, always remember that each inch of stick taken off increases the flex by 5.   Always take this into consideration when selecting your flex.
  • If you are very tall and add a plug to extend the stick's length, always remember that each inch added can decrease the overall flex by 5.  Always take this into consideration when selecting your flex.

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The Rule of Flex

Use the Disorder

  • The junior Disorder was developed to be the best of both worlds for developing players.  It has an Elongated sweet spot and comes in Multiple heights and flexes to assure you grow to become a sniping machine.

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Reckless Stick Fitting Guide

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Use the Disorder if you....

  • are looking for more powerful shots
  • take a lot of slap shots
  • generally shoot from the outside
  • ​take a lot of heavy one timers

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Use the Suppressor if you....

  • want to shoot faster
  • take a lot of wrist/snap shots
  • generally shoot from in close
  • looking for a quicker release

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