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Goalie Sticks

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The goalie Stick

Original Price: $199.99

The Goalie stick by Reckless is a 100% carbon composite goalie stick.  Designed to be light weight while remaining extremely durable.   Engineered to reduce the stick vibration goalies usually feel in their hand when stopping shots with full carbon sticks. Created to absorb more energy from the shots to better control rebounds.  Balanced for optimal feel, movement, and performance.

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Weight: 685 grams +/-
Shaft coating: 3D Grip on handle
​Shaft construction: One-piece 100% Carbon Composite 
Warranty: Standard 30 Day manufacturer's Warranty plus our own 180 day replacement plan.
Available Sizes: 24, 25, 26, 27.
Available Blade patterns: RH31​​​

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Info page for our blade conversion chart.